Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tumblr - how hard it can be for automation

Let me assure that as you are here, you must be aware of right?

Tumblr Micro-Blog
OK, for those who are new to Tumblr, let me just go through little details about it and then we come to main point of this article. Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website at same time; it was founded by Mr. David Karp and later purchased by Yahoo Inc. (David would be happy to see his product purchased by Yahoo!) - Tumblr allow it's users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog and likewise it's a social cum blog platform, it possess basic features provided in both platform including LIKES & Re-blogging.

People are crazy with social media platforms, always looking for new methods and trick to automate everything around and social media platforms are already aware of this scenario and they aren't much bothered as eventually it's increasing their audience however not all the platforms have same mentality, Tumblr being one of them. Mr. David was happy with these spammers or aggressive users however Yahoo doesn't seem to give them free hand, just like their Email platform (Oh! I don't like fancy html codes by Yahoo, making it harder to go around and automate things). Since the takeover, they have been putting more and more complex backend code for making it a smart micro-blogging solution with least spammers (I am not a spammer, I do it for fun only :P ); with advanced jSon/jQuery and other fancy work, they have added a WYSIWYG Editor called "ACE Editor" which is a good feature for users since it has a lot of features just like MS-Word however if you are looking to automate posting using iMacro, this is a huge problem since iMacro doesn't recognize this editor and doesn't record most of the time that it would record normally. Working with ACE Editor require some backend knowledge about it and how it works, there are way around or tricks to add/remove text from the sessions that it created while active however Tumblr make it difficult to operate this widget while at their platform - I spent two days in finding a standard function that ACE Editor would normally call for getting/setting data and eventually ended with bunch of complex functions and triggers, this and that!

For those, who are planning to reverse code Tumblr code and get to ACE Editor and do modification through Java Scripting, I got an advice "Don't do it", it isn't worth trying if you haven't done this before.

Crux of above articles: Tumblr is difficult to code with iMacro until and unless you are too smart. I made a script recently, it take URLs from CSV file, open these URLs, click RE-BLOG button, clear all texts from comment/schedule sections and fill them both with new data from CSV before hitting Schedule button.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Facebook Group Poster Script

I admit, I have been bombarded with more than 58 requests asking the same question and I can’t respond individuals so here is the script that all of you were looking for. This is a generic script, you can use it at any Facebook group however just make sure you are using English pages or you will have to do little modifications since script searches for particular terms for locating text areas and buttons:

'    FB Group Poster
'    This script will post text along with images at Facebook groups.
Set !Timeout_Step 3
Set !Extract_Test_Popup NO

Tag Pos=1 Type=TextArea Attr=Title:Write<sp>something... Extract=Htm
Set !Var1 Eval("var a = '{{!extract}}'.match(/id=.(.+).>Write\s/); a[1];")

Set !ReplaySpeed Medium

' Add text below
EVENTS TYPE=KEYPRESS SELECTOR="#{{!Var1}}" CHARS="This is first line!\n\nLine2\n\nLine3"

Set !Extract Null

Tag Pos=1 Type=A Attr=data-endpoint:/ajax/composerx/attachment/media/chooser/
Tag Pos=1 Type=Input:File Attr=aria-label:*Photos/Video Extract=Htm
Set !Var2 Eval("var a = '{{!extract}}'.match(/id=.(.+).\sclass=/); a[1];")
Set !Extract Null

' Change path of picture from here or link it through CSV file
Tag Pos=1 Type=Input:File Attr=ID:{{!Var2}} Content=C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample<SP>Pictures\Chrysanthemum.jpg

Set !Timeout_Step 1
Tag Pos=1 Type=Div Attr=Class:_1dsp Content=Event:MouseOver
Tag Pos=R-1 Type=Form Attr=* Extract=Htm

Set !Var3 Eval("var a = '{{!extract}}'.match(/id=.(.+).><input\sname=/); a[1];")
Set !Extract Null

Tag Pos=1 Type=Form Attr=ID:{{!Var3}} Content=Event:MouseOver
Tag Pos=R1 Type=Form Attr=* Extract=Htm

Set !Var4 Eval("var a = '{{!extract}}'.match(/id=.(.+).\sonsubmit/); a[1];")
Set !Extract Null

Wait Seconds=40

Tag Pos=1 Type=Button Form=ID:{{!Var4}} Attr=Txt:Post


This script will put a simple text and add an image from my document; the good thing is that, you can link this with a csv file using 'Set !Datasource file_name.csv' and post multiple messages with images.

Friday, August 22, 2014

New method of getting FREELANCE Projects

Hi everyone and thanks you for keep returning in search of new articles. This time, I have received more than 16 emails from individual FREELANCERS for quick solutions in getting on-line projects.

For which audience this article is useful?

Well, it’s informative in all aspects and can help everyone in releasing that they could also have done something like this before. Anyhow, this article will help all FREELANCERS out there, who are seeking part-time freelance or home based jobs; yes, I know there are lots of portals for getting jobs such as, Elance and however everyone knows about them and it makes them highly saturated platforms, where you are not alone to do particular task, there are always replacement and hence payout rate is lower that few workers won’t prefer working at.

Wait! Wait!, I don’t mean you shouldn’t visit those portals, I only mean that there are lots of people over there already and often it’s difficult to get a project so why not use alternatives (or should I say, UNIQUE ALTERNATIVES) for getting freelance projects!

Ok, so it started back when I looked all over for freelance projects for more than two months and couldn’t get even one as I didn’t had any of their exam passing certificate and was limited only to 8 bids at a time, they allows adding few skills and blah blah… though I manage to contact few employers however none of them wanted me to work as they thought I was asking high amount and there were people ready to work at even 1/3 of what I was looking for. I promise, I wasn’t unfair and was asking only for market standard rates but there are always people from Middle East regions like India and Bangladesh who are ready to work at almost free.

Anyhow, let’s just NOT talk about those portals; so I started searching for new places where I can get few freelance projects and I came across – most of the people out here may already know about Craiglist however only a fraction have actually utilized it as I have done it. Craiglist is one of the pioneer CLASSIFIED POSTING (C2C) platform and it has thousands of posting from all countries on daily basis, these posts contain selling requests, purchasing requests, job offers, services, advertisements and other sort of stuff. They have separated their lists into [ Countries -> Category ] and you can visit any country’s section and start searching in individual categories; think of having more than 200 countries listed in a website and everyone has 5 categories and every category has thousands of records, updated on daily basis. AH! Too much data (Clue! This can be used for SEO purpose as well, however I ain’t changing my directions).

This was the point that actually attracted me; see, if there is a lot of data, there might be good jobs as well so I make a script that would go through all countries, select particular category/term and acquire all lists in to a single sheet and once it’s done, further filtration is possible using Excel. I had 79k data for the first time, took around 1.2 hours and after adding filter “Contain data – Content writer” it showed only 133 records, after adding further filters I got only 28 records and manually checked them and contacted only those which looked useful to me. Fortunately, I received response from two of the employers who were searching to outsource content writing and I got one small contract that very same day when I created the script – worked for me, it can work for you as well at-least it motivational for me!

By now, I have extracted hundreds of thousands of records since I am doing it from a week and believe me, thousands of records are posted daily at Craiglist, and this list will never end as well as chances of getting FREELANCE projects.

Script is ready and it costs only 50$, if anyone out there needs it – contact me directly otherwise make your own script, it’s easy with iMacro Scripting.

Friday, May 9, 2014

BlogSpot - Explored by iMacro method

BlogSpot has always been favorite choice of bloggers; new or experienced, all bloggers somehow create their blogs through BlogSpot. Its usage and features are obvious however let me just go through some facts for new comers.

It's a free blogging solution with lots of features, you add gadgets like LABEL, Video, Images, external links, Scripts and with easily available customized themes, make it look like a fully operating complex website without having to know any computer language; since its product of Google, all of the blogs are crawled quickly and even with few articles, you can receive some traffic on daily basis – I remember making a blog two months ago with just 5 articles, since then more than 60 people have seen my blog!

This article is all about how to make a speedy blog and start earning through ads or Google adsense!

Making a blog is piece of cake however you need to pick a themes, an idea or lets just say, let be a category of interest that you find yourself able to write or can arrange content related with it. For me, I was in little rush so I started searching for any kind of content that can easily be utilized without further modification, while search I came against a list of buyers with their buying requirements so I created a blog named ‘B2B GlobalImporters” and started posting these articles using iMacro script however soon after posting few posts I came across CAPTCHA (Oh I just hate re-CAPTCHA), anyways, that wasn't useful so I started searching for alternatives and fortunately, I came across with even more simpler approach for bulk posting and it was bit strange for me to know that a huge amount of bloggers weren't aware of this thing – BlogSpot allow adding POSTS through EMAIL, there is an option under setting where you set a secret email id (something like and whenever you send email to that particular ID, all email were treated like BLOG POSTS, there is daily limit of 30 however it was worthy.

Aggressive posting creates negative impact, make your users feel like that some auto-posting scripts are working behind it and search engines even don’t like it much. Anyhow, here is what I did:
  • Compiled the list in a proper format
  • Started sending 30 emails daily using MAIL MERGE technique (Google it if this term is new for you)
  • Created an script which would read posts from DRAFTS folder, separate labels along with other fields and do little modification and post it – 5 to 10 article daily posting was just enough for me!
    • Script was required to post labels because email post only allows subject and body of the post, for rest of the supporting fields you will have to post them manually or by using scripts. My email post included data in XML type format like:
      • <subject>Subject line</subject>
      • <body>this is body of the post</body>
      • <label>this field will be used as label</label>
Here are few snaps showing working of iMacro Script:

Content forwarded through MAIL MERGER:

Content after modification and posting through iMacro Script:

Script is available for free however it may not be useful in your case since you don’t have same data as I do and I've designed it to post data in a HTML format which you might not like; IDEA is there, it’s worthy and can get you extra dollars in future, you can start your own blog after reading my article – if you need my assistance in accomplishing any similar project, I be there for you just for 10$.

Comment for any questions that you have in your mind!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to get away from v8.8.1 build issues

What’s up with iMacro these days?

I know it’s annoying watching your favorite tool malfunctioning, being stuck with tasks that were easily performed and now you are middle of contacting the creators to fix the bug. Guessed it yet?

OK for those who didn’t get it, I am briefing about the recent bug with iMacro, making all of my previous scripts go crazy. It’s mandatory to keep up with the browser upgrade, as functions change with a new build and classes change as functions grows – Firefox has recently upgraded to v29 where iMacro is still at 8.8.1 version, it’s been more than two months since the last update and functions are getting buggy with each new upgrade of Firefox.

Personally, I put everything in a .CSV file and make my scripts to read it and do whatever they are meant for; besides few smaller bugs with iMacro plug-in, one of the biggest problems with current build is that it doesn’t allow access any input file (.CSV in my case) – all of my previous scripts aren’t working as they use to and now it’s showing some fancy exception with the .JS codes. Annoying!

So, what’s up with that; it has bugs and previous scripts aren’t working – what next?

Hmm interesting question! Here is what I did to resolve this problem meanwhile iMacro developers are sleeping. Wait, for those who are thinking why I don’t use Chrome for making scripts? Well, I don’t like iMacro interface at Chrome and I’ll have to tweak all of my scripts a bit in order to make them work in Chrome, I don’t have time to that. Anyhow, good thing with Firefox is that, it has two versions/builds updating in parallel – first one is the normal version and other is the portable version. If you are smart enough, you might have already guessed what I am about to suggest for resolving the problem? OK, don’t use your brain, relax; go download the portable version and disable auto-update feature once it’s installed, for me Portable Firefox v24 is working best even the standard version seems to react abnormal.

Oh one more thing, I’ve reported this bug at IOPUS forums as well and amazingly, it was already reported by dozens of people – felt good watching others using the tool that I love to you on regular basis!

I have tried multiple methods for requesting the developers to update current version; if you guys come across my article, do whatever you can do to remind the sleeping fellows :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

AddmeFast- fastest way to increase Facebook likes

"I have 5,600 LIKES at my Facebook page; how many you got?"

Facebook likes are one of the attractive things that everyone is after and searching for solutions paid/free for increasing those likes, mostly for giving a robust look; they can be very useful in generating quick sales as well however source has to be genuine – If proper working is performed and likes are increase genuinely, there are higher changes that your products would rapidly get promoted and actual sales targets can be meet however it takes lots of time, money and efforts.

Enough with the lecture! So you are here just to learn how can you increase likes, well go ahead, read the below article thoroughly and there is script at the end as well.

OK so there are plenty of iMacro programmers, they are smart however the websites that they make scripts of, are even more smarter and website owners modify their websites constantly with rather new technologies or simply by changing basic HTML tags, just to get away from scripts. Addmefast and Like4like are one of those websites which help in increase dummy likes in matter of hours without having to do many efforts; although it can be managed easily manually however in order to save time and efforts, iMacro script comes handy; even a beginner of iMacro script can make their scripts for automating the processes, things get difficult when big changes are performed by addmefast/like4like.

Recently, Addmefast changed its layout, modified few html tags and enhanced its activity monitor algorithm for detecting auto-bots; Cool work I must say! Ok good for website owners but what about general users? Well, they look for updated script available at different blackhat websites and secret communities. Anyone can do iMacro scripting, it’s easy and takes few minutes to replicate humanly performed steps however in order to make your script robust, you need to utilized power of java scripting – it can be embedded scripting through EVAL or you can come up with entirely different script built as .JS (Java script with iMacro support).

Here is my script, actually don’t use anyone else’s script so you won’t get this one anywhere else. Anyhow, here are few guidelines while using my script:

  1. This script will properly work if you have good internet speed; Facebook loads quickly (let’s say around 2 to 5 seconds)
  2. Fast internet is necessary as addmefast closes the tab after a particular time interval and if you have a slower internet connection, page would close even before it loads completely
  3. Script will generate random time intervals (Waits), in order to replicate humanly action
  4. If facebook page is opened for a longer period, addmefast will close it however won’t give any points so it’s necessary to close the tab manually
  5. For slower internet, script will close Firefox browser

Now, copy this script and save it with any name you like; sign-in your facebook & addmefast accounts, visit the page from where pages are LIKED and play this script with a loop:

Updated Version!

' AddmeFast AutoLike

' Creation Data: 9th July 2014
' Last Modified: 14th July 2014
' Created By: Janib Soomro (
Set !TimeOut_Page 10
Set !TimeOut_Step 10
Set !ErrorIgnore no
Set !Extract_Test_PopUP No
Tag Pos=1 Type=Div Attr=Class:likedPagesSingle Extract=Htm
Set !Var1 Eval("var x = '{{!extract}}'.match(/a class=.+\s(.+)-wrap/); x[1];")
Tag Pos=1 Type=Div Attr=Class:{{!Var1}}&&Txt:Like
Set !Extract Null
Tab T=2
Set !ErrorIgnore Yes
Set !TimeOut_Step 0

Set !Var1 Null
Tag Pos=1 Type=Span Attr=ID:pagesHeaderLikeButton Extract=Htm
Set !Var1 Eval("var x = '{{!Extract}}'.match(/ownerid=.+\sid=.(.+).\stype/); x[1];")

Tag Pos=1 Type=Input:Submit Attr=Value:Like

Set !Var2 Eval("var a = (Math.floor(Math.random() * (2 - 1)) + 1); a;")
Wait Seconds={{!Var2}}
Set !Var3 Eval("var x = '{{!extract}}'; if (x.match(/(facebook)/) != null) { y = 2; } else { y = 3; } y; ")
Tab T={{!Var3}}
Tab Close

Set !Var4 Eval("var a = (Math.floor(Math.random() * (5 - 3)) + 1); a;")
Wait Seconds={{!Var4}}

This script works properly and I have tried to make it flexible enough to handle small scale tweaks in website layout in future however if you still find it not working, report it and I will update the script again.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Taking iMacro to WordPress

What is WordPress by the way?

Well, I think this is something that you should look through Google search. For a quick review for new users, this is a Content Management System (CMS), which will allow you to make your websites and blogs in just few hours and good thing about this CMS is that, you won’t have to learn computer programming languages or have to understand different technical terms.

It is a common observation that all websites generated through WordPress are indexed faster than others kinds of CMS or static websites therefore I prefer making my blogs using WordPress CMS. They offer a free standalone installable CMS that you can install at your hosting or if you want to use it directly, go to their website and enjoy free hosting with WordPress.

Anyhow, let’s come to the topic…

Recently I had an idea of having my own image hosting portal where I could place wallpapers of movies, games, celebrities, natural scenes, cars, trucks and everything that I can think of. So, I targeted few already established image portals and started scraping their images using iMacro scripting and once I had enough inventories, I purchased a domain and install WordPress with a good looking template. I had around 9,500 images along with specifications, first I try to go for fully automatic approach by inserting data directly to the database however believe me, this wasn’t easy and with all my efforts I fail to do upload data directly. Anyways, I had backup plan as usual; this was the place where iMacro actually came handy and saved a lot of manual trouble. Generally speaking, it would have taken me a month to manually upload all images and filling other fields if I had done it manually, iMacro took only two days for posting images/description at my website.

My website is around a month old now and there are more than 10,000 images of different industries; it took too little time in posting them properly and now Google has recognized my site and more than 4,500 pages are already indexed by now. I plan to add even more images through same approach and later, will place adsense once traffic begin crossing 200 visitors a day – this is something that you don’t see on regular base and if utilized properly, you can earn constant money easy in couple of months.

Check my website for reference:

Note: Copying content from website could impose copyright allegation against you therefore try to copy content from public places without any copyright claims mentioned.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

IMacro in action with Android application

Recently I purchase Samsung Galaxy tab, one of the wonderful creations that I’d ever wanted to have! I been using a lots of Android apps these days and decided to do something new using my PC, something that involve connection the device with my PC for playing games, sending messages and much more …

Android based mobile devices are way better than other java based devices as per my experience as they tend to give more freedom, speed and GUI is always better; however, I found it difficult to connect them with my PC likewise other brands like Nokia, Sony, Samsung come up with software for connectivity and backup purpose – there may be solutions however I thought to go for something unique. While checking android application market, I came across different applications that would allow me to connect my android mobile with PC and to do certain acts however one of those applications actually attracted me as it offered full control over android device using web browser – and that’s was the catch, I am sure you have already guessed what next article is going to be about!

IF you can access your device using any browser, you can make iMacro scripts! Got it

Ok, so apps name is ‘AirDroid’, they offer limited/trial however if you search out Google, you will find pirated copy of their application (I won’t suggest having one, as I, myself prefer using paid ones). Anyhow, that’s your part to think about. Once you install application in your mobile handset, it will try to connect your mobile with its network (make sure to active WIFI connection or alternatives), which you can connection using their web portal ( The interface is quite attractive and will allow you to access SMSs, Pictures/Gallery, Videos, Contacts, SD Card, Installed apps and few more things; it will also allow to send/receive SMSs using web interface and this is the place where iMacro is used.

Personally, I have acquired all of my contacts and assemble them in a sheet/CSV file, created iMacro script which is linked with the sheet and its function it to acquire contacts from the list, sending customized message/SMS to the contact. Bingo! I sent around 540 customized messages to my friends/circle a week ago, greeting New Year arrival. My own SMS marketing mini solution, allowing me customized content in individual SMSs.

Script is easy to build, you can make it yourself however if you need it, it costs only 20$.

Monday, October 14, 2013

How to categorize thousands of pictures from a single folder to multiple folders in 10 minutes?

How to categorize thousands of pictures from a single folder to multiple folders in 10 minutes?

This is first series of smart tips that come handy often; it’s about how to arrange thousands of picture/snaps that you take during your trip and wish to move them in day-wise folders. Have you been into such trouble of selecting and moving pictures in to date-wise folders from a huge list of images?

Well, I’ve purchased new Samsung handset and during initial two months I took around 3,300 pictures (my best friend’s marriage and my family trip to an exotic hill station was included too); pictures were huge and I was excited to show it to everyone however as the quantity was huge, I felt like bit boring to watching such huge of pictures in a single go so I decided to make folders of individuals and place pictures in day-wise structure so that we can enjoy complete journey.  Two months means sixty (60) days and around 3,300 pictures, hmm big problem? Isn’t!

In two months I can got that huge amount of pictures then think of what I could have gathered in an years ;) and what if someone wanted to arrange an years’ collection in such day-wise-folder-structure - it could take days in narration. Anyhow, you are smart and by now you might have understood that if I’m writing something here then I must have tried and sought solution already? You are getting smarter each day.

So, here is how to narrate pictures in shorted possible time slot:
  1. Arrange picture names somewhere where we can manipulate them. I use few old techniques of mine for doing such act; go to Command prompt (CMD for Win7 & Command for Windows XP) by typing it in RUN (Start -> Run) and hit enter. You will land in to dark room, console windows whose background is black and things fancy & mouse doesn’t perform any helpful function.
  2. Ok once landing in to command prompt, you have change path using its internal command; for example your picture folder is located in D driver then try these commands (CD\, D:, Cd Image_folder). If you follow then instruction properly then you will reach insight in the folder and path will look something like (D:\Image_folder\).
  3. Now type (Dir /a > List.txt) and hit enter; this will create a file (list.txt) in to the image folder which will include all files names along with data, folder, size etc. Now go to the folder and open this file in to notepad (I prefer notepad++ as it offer better options than simple notepad).
  4. Here is an example:
    • 10/13/2013  03:34 PM    <DIR>          .
    • 10/13/2013  03:34 PM    <DIR>          ..
    • 09/24/2013  01:17 AM           329,865 2013-09-24 01.17.02.jpg
    • 09/24/2013  03:21 PM           544,137 2013-09-24 15.21.34.jpg
    • 09/24/2013  03:21 PM           539,757 2013-09-24 15.21.36.jpg
    • 09/24/2013  03:23 PM           526,592 2013-09-24 15.23.00.jpg
  5. As you see that above details are totally messed up and difficult to work with and will take of time in setting them; well, that’s not the problem actually. One good thing about above data is that it’s in some kind of universal format or managed or standard format, observe it data – it contain data space-am/pm, lots of spaces, size, filename_date_time.jpg.
  6. Now copy all data from notepad to excel and remove all top/bottom junk details like <DIR> etc, keep only file name rows in the sheet. Now press CTRL+H (Find & Replace) and insert “*2013” in top input box and “2013” replace input box empty and hit replace all button. It will remove all data, am/pm, spaces and size from the data and only file name will be there. Once it’s done, it’s time to remove extra spaces by “Trim(A1)”. Here is how it will look like:
    • 20132013-09-24 01.17.02.jpg
    • 20132013-09-24 15.21.34.jpg
    • 20132013-09-24 15.21.36.jpg
    • 20132013-09-24 15.23.00.jpg
  7. Ok so now we have file name is excel sheet (time is part of file name so don’t worry about it); now it’s time to make separate time from date as we will be creating folders with date only. Now copy above data from sheet1 and paste it in sheet2 and press CTRL+H, insert “ *” (space & star) in first input box and keep the other input field empty and hit Replace all button. This will remove timestamp from file name, now go to Data->Remove Duplicates, this will remove all duplicates and keep only unique data which will use for making folders.
  8. Now move all unique folder names from A1 row to A2 and insert this term “md” in all A1 rows, now copy both rows (A1 & A2) and paste then in notepad. Pasting something from excel in to notepad copies some formatting as well, you will see that there will a TAB (\t invisible space) between “move” & “folder name” – copy that tab by selecting it and pressing Ctrl+C, now press Ctrl+H again and paste (tab) in first input field by pressing Ctrl+V and insert single SPACE in second input field and hit Replace All - this will fix the formatting issue.
  9. Save this file as “movefiles.bat”, go back to the folder and you will see a new file created with this name, just double click it and it will make lots of folders that we just arranged in excel.
  10. Sheet1 contains complete file names, sheet2 contains only unique folder names (if everything is fine by now); again, insert new columns (it will move A to B & B to C column), insert this word in A column “move”. Now in sheet1, copy all data from B1 column to C2 and select C2 column from the top and press Ctrl+H and enter “ *“ (space*) in first field and keep the second one empty and hit Replace All button. Now, column A contains word “move”, B contains complete file name and column B contains only folder name (not unique).
  11. Copy Column A, B & C and paste them in Notepad and replace all tabs with spaces (read point 8 for this); once tabs are replaced, save this as “movefiles.bat” and go to the image folder and double click (execute) this file; as soon you execute this file, it will execute few command prompt instructions and Walla! All files are moved to appropriate folders.
There are plenty of software for performing same action however it’s fun to know and understand how things work; this might look difficult initially, however once you have performed this twice then it won’t be a big deal in future and will save days work load! I could have made tutorials about performing same using iMacro or java scripting, however it is highly unnecessary to always go like a technical person if there are easy solutions available for same task.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Going completely automatic with iMacro

Ok so I have been receiving a lot of emails about how to make it completely automatic; iMacro scripts are helping out thousands of people however humans are required to be present most of the time to execute the script and to monitor it – what solutions do I have for that? Well, there are two basic solutions for that:
  1. iMacro scripts aren’t actually self sufficient in their basic form; lacking of logical/decision-making power make them react odd most of the times and increase human dependency as they get stuck or stop without warning. Solution is easy, however may require little programming experience – you need to integrate the scripting with some other programming language, I use java-scripting for enhancing my scripts, you can choose any language from java-scripting, visual basic scripting or Php (Google it for samples).
  2. And the other problem with iMacro scripts is that, what will happen even the scripts are make using java-scripting however due to some problem in computer or internet connectivity, they get stuck or close without warning – I mean again you come to same point where human efforts are required? For by passing this dependency, here is one the solution that I personally use:
Scheduling iMacro scripts:
  1. Fire up Mozilla Firefox browser and access iMacro panel
  2. Select your desired iMacro script and add it to bookmark
  3. Open bookmark panel by pressing Ctrl + D and copy bookmark link of iMacro script
  4. Now execute the script from command prompt or start->run, script look like ‘Drive:\Path\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe imacros://run/?m=%23Current.iim’
Bookmarketing imacro scripts

Bookmarketing imacro scripts

Once you perform above steps, it’s time to make it execute with single click. For that, you need to create a .bat file (.bat files are just like .exe files, you can make them in notepad by setting its extension to .bat (i.e Testing.bat). All instructions that you execute in command prompt can be executed through this single .bat file – Google it for details), here is the testing script/command that you need to copy in .bat file:

C:\program files\Mozilla\firefox.exe imacros://run/?m=%23Current.iim

After putting this line in the .bat file, save it at desktop; for executing the file, just double click it. It will open Firefox and execute Current.iim script itself. You can add instructions like ‘Tab close’ in your script to close all tabs, which will eventually close Firefox as well.

Now, the last stage is to set scheduler. Scheduler is facility that Windows and other operating systems offer for executing any file/script at a particular time or repeat it after some particular intervals.

scheduling imacro scripts with windows schedular

scheduling imacro scripts with windows schedular

scheduling imacro scripts with windows schedular

scheduling imacro scripts with windows schedular

scheduling imacro scripts with windows schedular

scheduling imacro scripts with windows schedular

scheduling imacro scripts with windows schedular

Enjoy going completely automatic with your iMacro scripts!